Sunday, January 30, 2011

| KORUNKSS!! announcement lgi stu heee.. |

kalu korunk tak dpat tekan yang "tekan sini" tu, dont worry.
senang2, i bagi terus url for my new blog.

dengan ini, secara rasminye, sye mmperkenalkan belog baru syee...

silalah follow yea?.. :))

yours truly, 

| KORUNKSS!! announcement |

disebabkan blog sye yang ini agak kebengongan, jadik sye membuat keputusan untuk membuat belog
yang baru..
so, please check out my new blog, tekan sini and follow ek?..
my followers, please follow this blog, coz i will not be using my old blog nymore.
please be informed.

yours truly,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

| how to do laaaaarhh. . . . . |

did my quiz quite well today..
happy bout it..
tapikan, my belog cam ape jerr!! geramnyerrrr..
mengapakahhh???? T.T
cner nak buat bgi die elok balik nieee???
nak update pun cam takder semangat ajer..
oh well, thats it for now.. not inda mood..

yours truly, 

Friday, January 21, 2011

| paradeee... long time, no SHOP! ^__^ |

howdyy?? ^__^
the other day, after my buds and i watched "khurafat", we decided to go shop2 for a while.. (turns out, it was not a while.. heheh)
btw, "khurafat" is freakinggggggg. . . nice. . i'll put it that way.. it was not entirely awesome, but it was nice.. hehee.. the storyline was quite oke, but the fav part would be the screaming part.. hehee..
i think, i figured it out already, the only way for me to undergo a mental therapy, is through watching a sick horror movie, and scream my lungs out in it! hahahaha.. ^__^
anywayssss, thats not what i wanted to post to u guys about.. hehee.. its about my precious new bag!! hehehe..
| my new bagg!! heheeh. aini spotted it, and I bought it!! <3>
| haaaaa.. cant stop looking at it.. haaaa.. ^__^ <3>
i was thinking bout buying a pouch bag, then suddenly went with this one. hehehe.
this is my 1st handbag thats actually look girly(womanly). hahahaha!
my previous bag, was like HUGE! and TEEN!
but this one, is a bit more to elegant, soft, evening wear, and other stuff.
cant say much, nnti (masuk bakul angkat sndri) pulak.. hehehe..
cant wait to pose it around friends, and just show them, how awkward i am with my new bag. need to reprogram a little bit.. coz, im not used actually to this type of bag, but, WTH! hahahaa..
| omg!! me and me new baggieeee. . |
| am not sure as why i pose like this, but wth.. haha.. |
|the view of parade and me new baggie. . muahaha. . |
oh myy.. that would be it.. too much pix in one post is killing me, and im quite sure its killing u guys.. hahaha..
k then, till my next post..
yours truly,

| Thank u NUFFNANG, butttttt. . . . |

can u believe it?!?!?!
1st time try enter contest dah leh dpat join premier THE GREEN HORNET kat mid valley.
BUT! unfortunately, i cant join!! uhuhuhuhuhu..
coz of class and quizzes and all.. huhuh.. but i really want to go lerhhh.. huhuhu..
i mean! the premier kutts!!
other ppl dont get the chance to watch it, but i will have the privilege to watch the movie 3 days earlier..
huwarghhh, but cant go!!!
but still, im happy coz NUFFNANG decided to let me be one of other bloggers out there to join the premier.. thank u NUFFNANG!! xOxO~
| here is the prove that NUFFNANG invited meeeee.. haa.. :)) |
yours truly,

Monday, January 17, 2011

| i have learnt to play. . . . :) |

i have learnt to play . . . . .
1) 6 months by hey monday
2) gravity by sara bareilles
3) talking to the moon by bruno mars
4) September by daughtry band
4) boulevard of broken dreams by greenday
5) the only exception by paramore
6) hey soul sister by the train
7) billionaire by bruno mars and (i dont rmber. . )
8) baby by justin bieber
9) you belong with me by taylor swift
10) cry me out by pixie lotts
11) stuck like glue by sugarland
12) mine by taylor swift ( a bit hard this song :)) )
13) grenade by bruno mars
i can actually read the chords and play the songs on the spot. but i still need help once in a while. i didnt mastered all chords. but still, i can play guitar people !!!!
all thanks to and JEN TRANI coz she is the one who thought me all the chords, and songs ! jennie! ur my hero! without u, i cant possibly learnt all the chords.
love u lotss !!
|taylor swift|
|bruno mars|
|my new fav band "hey monday" !! <3|
|the bieber fever :))|
|paramore !|
and so much more. . .
yours truly,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

| ive learnt my lesson well. . |

whatever happen to gentleman??
what happen to them?
are they extinct now?
guys who hurts gurls, should be eaten by sharks or cows for all i care.
what? just because u have quite the look, and u have the dream carrier that everyone wants, u have the rights to judge other people?? is that what it is?? i say BULLSHITS!
guys who are like that, should be stripped down in public, and let them hanging in there for days !!
omg, they dont know the pain a gurl has to endure, when she is being humiliated like that. u have no rights in the world at all, assholes!
for all u guys out there, be a GENTLEMAN. dont ever judge a book by its outer cover.
please. girls, are not for u to mess around. tho u think its fun, believe me, when the time comes, u will have the same fate. what goes around, comes around. always rmber that. whatever u did to that person, u will eventually feel the same thing u put her through.
yours truly,