Saturday, January 15, 2011

| back to happiness. . :)) |

NIE la yang ptt jadi dlm hidup aku tiap2 ari..
sengih aje memanjang.. hehe..
today, i get back the most important people in my life..
other than that, i meet someone who stole my heart completely without knowing anything about him..
omgosh !!
i'll story u guys later..
so, heres' what happen..
today, pegi uitm sri iskandar sbb ader konvesyen kepimpinan smua ank melayu perak.. it was oke la.. we did get to meet the MB of Perak, Dato' Sri Dr. Zambry, and to our shock, the way he speak, cam saling tak tumpah ngan K.E kitaorg kat ITP nie.. hmm?.. haha.. anyways..
as i walked into the hall of UITM Sri Iskandar, i met upon the most charming, cutest, the sweets of my eye, the love @ 1st sight man I've ever had the opportunity to meet..
call me stalker, or anything, but i liked him. . ngeee. . :))
( the one yang pndang sblah kiri and wearing a tali tu. thats the guy. haaaaa :) )
other than that, ader jgak pix that i took with yana. . didnt take much pix coz mcm takder perasaan plak nk amik pix byk2. . hehe. .
this was the situation inside the hall. .
yang nie plak, corak krusi kat hall UITM Sri Iskandar tu.. kinda nice, so i took the pix.. ngeee..
so, thats about it.. time nk balik tu, i was hoping to catch a glance of him, but luck wasnt on my side, so, tak dpat jmpe die for the last time.. kalu dpat, mybe ive done sumthing yang gler kot.. haahaha..
overall, it was a freaking tiring day.. tomorrow wanna rest gler2.. haha..
yours truly,

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