Friday, January 21, 2011

| paradeee... long time, no SHOP! ^__^ |

howdyy?? ^__^
the other day, after my buds and i watched "khurafat", we decided to go shop2 for a while.. (turns out, it was not a while.. heheh)
btw, "khurafat" is freakinggggggg. . . nice. . i'll put it that way.. it was not entirely awesome, but it was nice.. hehee.. the storyline was quite oke, but the fav part would be the screaming part.. hehee..
i think, i figured it out already, the only way for me to undergo a mental therapy, is through watching a sick horror movie, and scream my lungs out in it! hahahaha.. ^__^
anywayssss, thats not what i wanted to post to u guys about.. hehee.. its about my precious new bag!! hehehe..
| my new bagg!! heheeh. aini spotted it, and I bought it!! <3>
| haaaaa.. cant stop looking at it.. haaaa.. ^__^ <3>
i was thinking bout buying a pouch bag, then suddenly went with this one. hehehe.
this is my 1st handbag thats actually look girly(womanly). hahahaha!
my previous bag, was like HUGE! and TEEN!
but this one, is a bit more to elegant, soft, evening wear, and other stuff.
cant say much, nnti (masuk bakul angkat sndri) pulak.. hehehe..
cant wait to pose it around friends, and just show them, how awkward i am with my new bag. need to reprogram a little bit.. coz, im not used actually to this type of bag, but, WTH! hahahaa..
| omg!! me and me new baggieeee. . |
| am not sure as why i pose like this, but wth.. haha.. |
|the view of parade and me new baggie. . muahaha. . |
oh myy.. that would be it.. too much pix in one post is killing me, and im quite sure its killing u guys.. hahaha..
k then, till my next post..
yours truly,