Saturday, January 15, 2011

| ive learnt my lesson well. . |

whatever happen to gentleman??
what happen to them?
are they extinct now?
guys who hurts gurls, should be eaten by sharks or cows for all i care.
what? just because u have quite the look, and u have the dream carrier that everyone wants, u have the rights to judge other people?? is that what it is?? i say BULLSHITS!
guys who are like that, should be stripped down in public, and let them hanging in there for days !!
omg, they dont know the pain a gurl has to endure, when she is being humiliated like that. u have no rights in the world at all, assholes!
for all u guys out there, be a GENTLEMAN. dont ever judge a book by its outer cover.
please. girls, are not for u to mess around. tho u think its fun, believe me, when the time comes, u will have the same fate. what goes around, comes around. always rmber that. whatever u did to that person, u will eventually feel the same thing u put her through.
yours truly,

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