Friday, January 21, 2011

| Thank u NUFFNANG, butttttt. . . . |

can u believe it?!?!?!
1st time try enter contest dah leh dpat join premier THE GREEN HORNET kat mid valley.
BUT! unfortunately, i cant join!! uhuhuhuhuhu..
coz of class and quizzes and all.. huhuh.. but i really want to go lerhhh.. huhuhu..
i mean! the premier kutts!!
other ppl dont get the chance to watch it, but i will have the privilege to watch the movie 3 days earlier..
huwarghhh, but cant go!!!
but still, im happy coz NUFFNANG decided to let me be one of other bloggers out there to join the premier.. thank u NUFFNANG!! xOxO~
| here is the prove that NUFFNANG invited meeeee.. haa.. :)) |
yours truly,

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