Monday, January 17, 2011

| i have learnt to play. . . . :) |

i have learnt to play . . . . .
1) 6 months by hey monday
2) gravity by sara bareilles
3) talking to the moon by bruno mars
4) September by daughtry band
4) boulevard of broken dreams by greenday
5) the only exception by paramore
6) hey soul sister by the train
7) billionaire by bruno mars and (i dont rmber. . )
8) baby by justin bieber
9) you belong with me by taylor swift
10) cry me out by pixie lotts
11) stuck like glue by sugarland
12) mine by taylor swift ( a bit hard this song :)) )
13) grenade by bruno mars
i can actually read the chords and play the songs on the spot. but i still need help once in a while. i didnt mastered all chords. but still, i can play guitar people !!!!
all thanks to and JEN TRANI coz she is the one who thought me all the chords, and songs ! jennie! ur my hero! without u, i cant possibly learnt all the chords.
love u lotss !!
|taylor swift|
|bruno mars|
|my new fav band "hey monday" !! <3|
|the bieber fever :))|
|paramore !|
and so much more. . .
yours truly,


  1. taylor swift with her guitar..
    A.A.K with her guitar xnmpk lg?!

  2. hehehehheehe..
    A.A.K tu malu skit..
    die kan pemalu orgnyer.. heee~~~

  3. A.A.K pemalu??
    should or should not??
    can u believe it?!

  4. hahahhaahhaha.. yes! u should believe it! hahaha..